We Are Here 1956

"Anachnu Kan" The Israel & TLV

Representative Group Jewish Heritage Center


The dancing group has more than 20 adult dancers aged 20 and over boys and girls and some are professionals.
Rehearsals take place in Tel Aviv at the Bikurey Haitim Dance Center in and the Dance Studio at Urban School
Dancers have the most diverse dance repertoire, Behind each dance is a story expressed in the choreography of an outfit in music in the movement combination and expression.
In the performances, the dancers combine Jewish heritage from there and Israeli folklore culture from here – from then until now.
The dances and dancers who performed them won first places in festivals and dance competitions in Israel and abroad.
Hora and Debka East and West…. From north to south
The dancing group has been performing on all stages in Israel and around the world for thousands of shows and in front of many thousands of spectators/
The group is dynamic and adapts and therefore also performs in small ensembles as needed and according to the event.
The dancers’ mission is to preserve Jewish heritage and Israeli culture in stage performances in dance and song

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