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"Anachnu Kan" The Israel & TLV

Representative Group Jewish Heritage Center

About us – The Organisation

Anachnu kan – Wearehere1956 – is a nonprofit for society culture and community organization since 1956.
Anachnu kan – Wearehere1956- is the Representative Folklore group of Israel and Tel Aviv and the Eastern European Testimony Heritage Center, Efi Tirosch is the CEO & Art Director .
Established in Vilna Jerusalem de Lithuania in 1956 by a group of Jewish artists – dancers and actors
It is recognized and supported since 1982 by government ministries and the TLV city.
In the days when Hava Nagila singing, could end up in an Eastern European prison behind bars and bars,
These Artisan Jews maintain the Jewish spark and the jewish people’s heritage and Israeli culture in dance and poetry,
The Representative Folklore group performed for Jews in Eastern Europe in general and in Vilna in particular on every makeshift stage
And made sure to lift morale to maintain her pride and declare loud and proud Jewish voice in every performance “Mir Zaynon Da” – which means in Yiddish: “We Are Here” – I mean, we’re here and we won’t let you break our spirits and our culture, you won’t make us disappear —we’re here, “Anachnu kan” in Hebrew.

In the 1970s the Representative Folklore group members immigrated to Israel and tel aviv.
In its performances, the group combines Jewish heritage from there and an Israeli folklore culture from here – from then until now
Yiddish and Ladiino Hora and Debka East and West…. From north to south.

The association is the home of the Representative Folklore group which has been performing on all stages in Israel and around the world for thousands of performances and in front of many thousands,
The Representative Folklore group mission is to preserve Jewish heritage and Israeli culture in a stage performance in dance and song.
The group’s full lineup has 50 participants, 50 performers includes choir dancers, singers and musicians.
The Representative Folklore group stages at least one or two new stage productions every year
The group is dynamic and adapts and therefore also performs in small ensembles as needed and according to the event

The association is also a Jewish Heritage center, it is a home to the Jewish heritage of eastern European especially Vilna Jerusalem de Lithuania testimony, and in this context maintains Museum & Archive – Exhibitions – Mobile Exhibition & Stationary Exhibition – Exhibitions include documents – Works of Art Photography and Videos.
The association as a heritage center holds several other activities:
Seminars lectures and conferences on various topics related to Israeli culture and the heritage of Eastern Europe and Vilna Jerusalem de Lithuania
Small performances combining Yiddish Kate – Jewish traditional and religious observance with Israeli culture from today

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